THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO MESSI during his debut at PSG! Lionel's first match for PSG!

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO MESSI during his debut at PSG! Lionel’s first match for PSG!


Yesterday the whole world was waiting for a historic moment – LIONEL MESSI’S DEBUT AT PSG! And it took place! Pochettino left Leo on the bench for the match against Reims releasing the Argentine in the 66th minute in the second half.

It’s interesting to note that the Argentine replaced Neymar, which means we didn’t have a chance to see the Messi – Mbappe – Neymar trio in action. By the time of Messi’s appearance on the pitch, the score was already 0-2 in favour of Paris as Kylian Mbappe scored twice!

It is worth noting that the entire stadium chanted «Messi!» – everyone was delighted. For the 31 minutes of play, including the stoppage time, Messi didn’t shoot on goal but made 20 accurate passes (a total of 21 with 95.2% accuracy) and made one successful tackle.

Leo has been fouled three times – more than any other player in the entire game. We also point out that the opponents didn’t pity Messi and he was even hit in the face once. But we have to pay tribute to the Argentine, he didn’t writhe in agony and bravely continued the game. Although Lionel didn’t make any effective action – it was obvious that he is only adapting to the new team. And Messi looked really tired after the game.

“Messi is still far from his best shape,” Mauricio Pochettino said after the game.

“I have been dreaming all day about Messi’s debut at PSG, who is considered the best player in history. But I haven’t even felt this debut. I was delighted with Mbappe’s game. He is truly the best player in the world! ” El Chiringuito TV journalist and Real Madrid fan Tomas Ronsero wrote in his Twitter account.

After the game, the Reims players lined up for taking a photo with Messi. The goalkeeper of the hosts Predrag Rajkovic asked Leo to take a picture with his son, and the Argentine didn’t refuse. We think this photo deserves your like!

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  1. Three fouls? I thought it was more. But foul is pronounced like fowl, not like foal. And where was the ref.? How come no cards for the fouls. Messi could hardly get started. Mbappe tried to pass to Messi, but Messi was fouled.

  2. To be sincerely speaking in my humble opinion without being sentimental and of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my opinion but rather looking into this serious matter with perspective distinction and without condemning anyone's point of view, I honestly think and believe that i have nothing to say..
    Thank you..

  3. why paris never give them even a chance saying boo why they try there all pro and its his first game for psg

  4. Wtf guy who made this video. He wants to say embape better than messi. This is not real football news.

  5. Any fool expecting Messi to work miracles in 20 mins playing with a team for the first time in his life..clearly doesnt know anything about football!!

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