Vikings' search for coach, GM will revolve around Kirk Cousins | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

After another season without a playoff berth, the Vikings cut ties with both coach Mike Zimmer and GM Rick Spielman — and finding their replacements means finding someone who’s on board with Kirk Cousins for 2022. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #KirkCousins
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Vikings’ search for coach, GM will revolve around Kirk Cousins | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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42 comentarios en «Vikings' search for coach, GM will revolve around Kirk Cousins | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports»

  1. Kirk being on the team next year is one thing; making your GM & coaching hires based around Cousins is absolutely ASININE! Even if we can't trade him, just bite the cap hit & play him, go 8-9 again in 2022 and let him walk.

  2. Cousins is good enough to make the team competitive, but Kirk needs to concede some income to get a ginormous center & right guard…not a small task.
    League rules favor offenses & hamstrings defensive backs.
    The Vikings have good enough skill players to get the job done provided Cousins is protected for more than our typical 1.3 seconds. And the offensive line needs to quit shooting themselves in the foot with offsides and holding penalties, not to mention heading downfield on pass plays.
    The old adage that Defense Wins Championships lacks credence in view of today's pass happy NFL Rulebook.
    Just get a good passer & protect him like Fort Knox.
    The Vikings are close.

  3. I think it is understood that Cousins is gone too. Cousins is the crowning achievement of the Zimmer Spielman duo. Without a coach or a GM he is hanging there in limbo, but as soon as those positons are filled, he is out of here. Bieniemy becomes the next HC. Like every other experienced back up in the NFL, Chad Henne can produce the same amount of offense or better until the Vikings find their guy. He could leave KC with Bieniemy. We pay Russel Wilson Money for a skillset similar to a Chad Henne, Case Keenum, Andy Dalton. Cousins is gone.

  4. Trade Cousins and be on the right side of a Hershel Walker trade for a change. Let him choke on someone else’s dime ??‍♂️

  5. Our offense is about to thrive . Dial in that trash o line , fix a secondary on d, add to depth charts and see what we do

  6. Seahawks fan has entered the chat – for real though I won't have to console my bf and all the other fans with Grey duck and Chipotle. Well people are happy but still worried. I'm just chilling looking at my super bowl banner and trying to make sure my friends are ok.

  7. Don't understand why ppl say cousins can't be traded its called trade and restructur contract!!!! I'm sick hearing he can't be traded!!!!

  8. I'd say most Vikings fans can't accept paying a QB that much unless he gets them to the Big Game. And especially if the team is below .500.

  9. There is a trade market for Kirk, but it’ll take a 1-2 yr extension to smooth out the cap hit
    Browns Broncos Steelers Panthers all need a QB

  10. Vikings fan – It sux to have to go thru such drastic measures, but it's necessary. We were stuck in mediocrity and I am SO sick of half-assed playoff runs. We want a Super Bowl. So it was necessary to just tear off the band aid and move forward with the healing. To keep Spielman & Zimmer would simply have meant more of the same.

  11. Gotta keep Cousins, the next QB Draft isn't for at least 1-2 years. Caleb Williams and Bryce Young are likely to be the next set going in the top 5 in the forseeable future. Not a lot of other stand-outs besides that.

  12. I think they had to let Rick go too. Getting rid of the defense few years ago just to try and replace the same slots with the same style of players along with the epic fail on the higher draft picks over the years. He did great on lower picks, I give him that forsure. Remember Norv Turner rage quitting? Something to that too we all don't know about. Any case 15 years of more fail then good something has to change. Why they got rid of Kase I still can't fathom other then Zim seemed liked he hated the guy by always smack talking about him in those press conferences. They could have kept him for a backup anyways. then add in Digg's drama, wasted AP, list keeps going.

  13. If the Vikings can’t get a blockbuster trade, they need to extend him another 2-3 years. Only if he agrees to less money per year. To say he’s been the reason they’ve struggled is simply false. He led multiple game winning drives and his numbers aren’t just good. They’re elite. I’m not saying he doesn’t have big flaws. I’m saying who else could they get? If the Texans trade DeShaun Watson straight up, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Otherwise it would take a lot for me to trade him.

  14. Trade Cousins to Broncos/Browns, take the cap penalties, and get rid of the aging players. Reloading time

  15. as a pack fan, actually spielman drafted better than us in the last like 5 years. but hey thats a fresh start, for the bears also…. lions showed real promise. just get the right qb….

  16. Three simple reasons as to why Cousins has to go:

    1. Too much money
    2. Not enough production, especially in prime time
    3. Not a team leader

    Make him someone else’s $45M problem to bear. I’m sure Cleveland or Denver would bite.

  17. The Vikings should get rid of everybody in the front office then the entire team except cousins. That way we can go to another superbowl and not win. Show those people in Buffalo we can lose more superbowls than them.
    Never have never will.

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