A NEW MESS AT PSG! MBAPPE and NEYMAR vs MESSI! PSG stars are not happy about the Ballon d'Or!

A NEW MESS AT PSG! MBAPPE and NEYMAR vs MESSI! PSG stars are not happy about the Ballon d’Or!

Mbappe and Neymar envy Messi?

Another not the most pleasant situation in PSG occured. The head coach of the team, Mauricio Pochettino, admitted that he had a problem after he said that Messi should win the Ballon d’Or: “I had a problem saying that Messi should win the Ballon d’Or. Neymar and Mbappé told me why not them. In any case, it would be great for any player from Paris to win it, but Leo deserves it.,” concluded Pochettino.Well… Ney and Mbappe being jealous of Messi and his success this year? Turns out that the answer is yes…

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  1. Fuck this channel, Neymar will never be jealous of Messi and Mbappe is growing so he is also not jealous as he knows he has plenty of time to improve. But according to me Lewa and jorginho deseves more than Messi this times.

  2. Its amazing most people just realized that the titles on this channel are misleading even though they claimed they are reporting news. Lots of their news are fakeee?

  3. Does Ajax has more former Academy Graduates playing in the top leagues then Benfica ?? Just of the too of my had, Benfica former graduates:
    -Bernardo Silva
    -Joao Felix
    -Nelson Semedo
    -Ruben Dias
    -Renato Sanches
    -Andre Gomes
    -Gonçalo Guedes
    -Nuno Tavares
    -Helder Costa

    I may have missed a couple.

    Does Ajax have more then that ??
    Maybe they do.

  4. All this was so predictable, those egos are so fragile that they might break with just a sneeze!!




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    ⚽ THANGMOI 4'

    GROUP : 0
    SGAYO 4-0 KFA U-15
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    47, GINKHOLEN⚽

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  6. Why should Messi win ballon dor..you people are making the price toxic ..just because he won copa America ,so he deserves it?.what about people who won champions league and a national cup as well .the likes of jorginho and benzema who has won everything with Real Madrid and even added nations league to his tally..while Jorginho winning the champions league and the European cup..and finished second in the nations league..give me a break about Messi deserving a ballon dor ..apparently Messi never seem to win a ballon dor fairly, he gets a ballon dor with syringes attached when everyone knows he does not deserve it,he played woeful this year and does not deserve ballon dor because he won a national trophy ? which others too have won..or probably you should change ballon dor to Messi dor then we know he is awarded for being Messi ..Cristiano won it all very clearly with no doubt ..so literally every player must win trophies like Cristiano before they get recognized???.. absolutely insane.

  7. Ballond’or is not for only the players who were in the winning teams..
    it’s include players individual performance/impact trophies + team trophies…performance on big stage like ucl copa america/euro…
    Jorg should not even in this discussion…
    It’s only between leo and lewan in which leo is fav…2020 for lewan is sure but i it’s not the case in 21

  8. Mbappe and Neymar been carrying that feelings of envy long before Messi join PSG……. But that’s how it works when God prepared a table before u in the present of ur enemies, la will still long inside and it will not be then lol

    Congratulations again in advance biggest goat of all time ??????? ?⚽️??❤️

  9. Neyma is the only player who is performing in PSG. Almost all goals come though him. Yet, best is Messi. What a joke. Everyone talked about what is going to happen when Messi moves to another club. And now everyone can see. I would love to see Mbappe' away from PSG. Then Pochettino will know, what he is all about.

  10. And if people are saying that one should win ballond'or based on goals then remember messi should have won it 9 times

  11. Didnt Mbappe himself,just lastweek said that Messi deserved to win the Ballon D'or…so this story is very conflicting…also, Neymar wouldnt say anything like that about his own friend. Goes to shows that u cant be gullible and believe everything u hear on social media…including this channel…smh!!!!!!

  12. Mbappe thinks he's the greatest and deserves everything he know that the fans would love messi more than him he just wants the fam and attention

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