Football Associations of Sweden, Czech Republic & Poland refuse World Cup play-offs in Russia

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The Football Associations of Sweden, Poland and the Czech Republic have released a joint statement saying they do not want to play next month’s World Cup play-offs in Russia. The countries involved with play-off matches in March, to qualify for the World Cup , say that the matches should not go ahead due to political tensions.

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34 comentarios en «Football Associations of Sweden, Czech Republic & Poland refuse World Cup play-offs in Russia»

  1. Couldn't Russia be just a normal country with a normal life? With ordinary relationship with neighbours? No… they have to ruined everything… It's just disgusting. We want to live our lifes.

  2. why FIFA didn't suspend US and israel teams when they attacked and occupied other countries !!! a bunch of hypocrites

  3. Leave the Russian people out of this. They don't deserve to have their culture and sports censored like this.

  4. FIFA expelled Russia from the 2022 World Cup because of Russia's campaign in Ukraine. FIFA and UEFA are also banning the Russian national team and football clubs.
    But due to the Israeli aggression in Lebanon and Palestine, FIFA, UEFA and AFC have never been seen to take any action against Israel.

    European football players are wearing "no war" under the jersey, wearing the Ukrainian flag armband, and FIFA and UEFA are applauding it. FIFA warns.

    Politics cannot be combined with their theme game. And this theme is the brightest theme of hypocrisy.

  5. FIFA is just tool of “ Lie empire “ – Western Fake civilization “ . Shame on you FIFA – double standard” with fake slogan “ sports not related to politics “. Where are you when US invaded and killed million innocent people in Vietnam, Iran and Afghanistan ?

  6. Let's give the World Cup to Ukraine. How can we call the World Cup when some teams refuse to play and get a pass from FIFA? This World World Cup does not have any value , it is all fixed,

  7. Middle-east conflict = don't bring politics into football Ukraine conflict = humanitarian cause

  8. It will be good for Russia if other countries are not wiling to play against them. Russia will win the world without playing a single game. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Well i agree with Russia to be disqualify. But banning all sports team or sanctions on any type of form, wont change Putin’s mind

  10. The coordinated attack and one sided media coverage against Russia is very telling and eye opening. Westerners might get fooled but not the rest of the world. Banning Russian footballers is disturbingly more totalitarian that the Russian regime itself. Putin is not an angel but the US and the west are literally Satan.

  11. I think this is so typical from FIFA, taking all the actions to condem what Russia are doing to Ukraine but not even considering banning Israel for what they are doing to Palestine. In no way am I defending what Russia are doing and I think it’s horrible what they are doing but the same thing has been ongoing in Palestine for over 70 years and yet no actions have been taking towards them. So why should Russia get banned but not Israel?. Israel have oppressed Palestine so much that their country is almost gone. People that lived here for hundreds of years where either killed or had to flee, and I’am talking about millions of people and yet what have we done to condemn them, Yes invite them to play in Europe when they are located in the fckn Middle East. So if FIFA are to ban Russia they should treat everyone equally and ban Israel as well.

  12. I don’t think it’s fair to the players born in Russia, because they have nothing to do with the Invasion, and the fact that it’s because it’s the invasion that teams are refusing to play against them, or wants them banned makes me feel bad for the player, so I say let the Russian National team play. I also feel equal sadness and sympathy for Ukraine as well.

  13. Putin is now a murderer and should be treated as such. Lenin and Stalin were left to their own devices and millions suffered so imagine was this cretin will do.
    FIFA should ban all Russian teams from all competitions immediately and not follow the bolloxs of IOC and partially ban the country.
    There have been protests in over 50 cities against this war throughout Russia and 100s if not 1000s arrested. FIFA show some balls for once.

  14. We all know that FIFA is corrupt, if RUSSIA qualifies automatically to this year's World Cup in Qatar (another controversial event), I WILL NEVER WATCH ANY WORLD CUP EVER AGAIN.

    PS I do not hate the Russians hence there are citizens who do not fully agree on the invasion of Ukraine, I despise the people who support and are surrounded by Putin.

  15. Whatever happened about keeping politics from sport? In 1973 the Soviet Union refuse to play Chile and therefore lost the game.

  16. None of the teams should play against Russia regardless of where they are scheduled to play. Ultimately Russia should be disqualified from playing any team anywhere. Period!

  17. A strong stance just a little sad Isreal who are not even European continue to play and take part in European competitions and the European WC Qualifiers. Amazing what message can be put out when people band together.

  18. “Politics and sport don’t mix”
    Says all the sheep who ALWAYS have politics in sport

  19. This means one thing for certain: RUSIA QUALIFIES TO QUATAR 2022!!!!!

  20. Remember when they said footballers can't get involved in politics?? Israel has been killing and invading for 50 years and nothing is said. Saudi Arabia has killed 400 thousand in Yemen nothing. America England 1.2 million killed in Iraq Afghanistan nothing. This hypocrisy is inexcusable.

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