MBAPPE' AMAZING MESSAGE to MESSI and NEYMAR after PSG' stunning victory vs Lille 7-1! Fastest goal?

MBAPPE’ AMAZING MESSAGE to MESSI and NEYMAR after PSG’ stunning victory vs Lille 7-1! Fastest goal?

Here’s what happened between Mbappé, Messi and Neymar

After the scandalous events of last week, the Messi – Mbappe – Neymar PSG trio was in the focus of all the world’s media outlets. Moreover, they completely debunked all suspicions of a major internal conflict. Just look at these pictures taken during the game against Lille. Here is a demonstration of the team play from stellar front three: «Mbappé could have gone for the shot but went for the pass to Messi instead, Messi could have gone for the shot but went for the pass to Neymar instead . Great link up and chemistry up front at PSG tonight». As you can see, yesterday everything was fine in the “Red and Blue” kingdom.

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  1. if mbappe trys this in France national team lol i tell he ll be in on bench i love that guy before now i hate him. i hate humans with ego. empty brain his dad should advice.

  2. If Real gets Kimmich, they will create a history again. Bayern better not make the same mistake they did on Kroos

  3. MBAPPE' AMAZING MESSAGE to MESSI and NEYMAR- change this subject dude…Mbappe didnt score solo goal in 8 sec, you should have notice that 5 sec beautiful pass from messi….if mbappe scored this goal as solo goal then it could have been message, but no dude

  4. Ballon d'Or winner 2022 odds

    Kylian Mbappe: 16-1. Mohamed Salah, Virgil van Dijk: 25-1. Robert Lewandowski, Kevin De Bruyne, Harry Kane, Vinicius Junior, Sadio Mane:

  5. Ajax is using the benefits of the champion league just to keep Antony but he still want leave. Ajax just let him go!!!😠😠😠

  6. They're gonna replace Casemiro with Jude Bellingham, probably Kimmich, and they already have Tchumeni in place. Damn I envy how organized they are, it's like their playing Manager mode on Fifa😩

  7. Lol Ronaldo rejected with other teams coz he cnt get more goals…by himself cnt create solo goals.he is just relying to lucky pass near the goal… No choice no one needs him because he is old… 😂

  8. I can't find words to express how pleased I am with the improvements I've seen in this PSG team. I hope they continue to impress their fans throughout the season. I wish them many success: I want them to win league title, win the Champions League title and I want either Neymar or Mbappe to finally hold their own Ballon d'or. I'm looking for great performances from: Messi, Mbappe, Neymar, Sanches, Ramos, Verratti, Vitinha, Mukiele, Kimpembe, Marquinhos, Hakimi and Mendes. This team looks like it's destined for greatness and the coach knows what he wants from the team. 👍

  9. Manchester United should still try to Sign Frankie De Jong. It will be a steal who is capable of playing better than all the players in the defence and the Mid or defensive midfielder position.

  10. Talk something negative about Cr7😂😂.IDK Why People Hates Ronaldo. By the way he is 37 now No one one to invest in That age that is simple. Cristiano Himself Know this. But he is unstoppable.Playing with Manchester Unuted and top 2 in PL Goal Scorer previous season. He is beast. Not like Media Goat Messi. Who Plays in Farmer league. I don't play like that In PlayStation like the way they play aginst their Training Kids Farm team 😂. But but2 Goat😂😂. Just see where he is playing

  11. I hope Neymar and Messi leave next year. Mpabbe tone down the attitude for his own goon and Messi and Neymar are just not interested ruining there career for Mpabbe so j guess they all in the same page.

  12. antony should wait one more season… cl is important… he should take 1 year extension… multiple clubs later post wc

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