Everybody Seems to Offer Fantasy Football Advice – Stick to These 6 Principles and Win Consistently

As you enter the new fantasy football season, you would be well-advised to take a gander at your competition. It would be helpful for you to understand those who seek the league title that you surely covet. Of course, those of you playing in casual free league might not feel compelled to go overboard with your analysis, but playing against managers with high levels of success warrants your attention. By taking the time to assess your situation, you will better understand the effort it is going to take to claim the title or at least some level of respectability. For you money league managers, this is an imperative.

Rules for Managing to Win

For the inexperienced and novice managers out there, these simple rules are designed to enlighten you to things the experienced players have already learned. For those of you who believe you have it all under control, let this information serve as a friendly reminder.

Rule #1 – Manage Your Team – Year after year and league after league, the managers who consistently make the playoffs have one thing in common; They take the time to manage the their team on a weekly basis. They always seem to have the best players on their active roster and they never miss a chance to raid the waiver wire for the up-and-comers. Awareness is they key because a player listed as doubtful after sustaining an injury on Friday has tripped up more playoff hopes than you can imagine when the manager missed the opportunity to adjust their roster.

Rule #2 – Stats are King – Have you ever wondered why your opponent was astute enough to sit his number one quarterback in favor of number two? The answer is he probably took the time to find out his number one was playing against the best passing defense in the league. If that same team’s offense has a great running game to boot, old number one is not going to get the number of opportunities needed to maximize scoring. All that astute manager did was use facts to make a decision that more times than not, works out to their benefit. If you play in money leagues, you are competing against sharpies who use all the tricks. Review your stats and match-ups and don’t select your players based on emotion or loyalty.

Rule #3 – The Waiver Wire in a Sanctuary for Winners – By week four if not sooner, the injuries will start piling up and the underachievers will be exposed. For every issue, there is a possible solution on the waiver wire that might end up being a diamond in the rough. You should keep a particular eye on #2 and #3 running backs on every roster. The casualty rate for RBs in the NFL sits at about 35%-40% every year. Remember, every opportunity you miss is one you opponent might claim.

Rule #4 – Set Aside Personal Biases – You might be fiercely loyal to a particular team or certain players. That said, fantasy football is not personal, it’s a game. Don’t get in the habit of loading your team with players you love if the facts don’t support your action. Also, you have to be prepared to bench under-performers who stand to put you at a disadvantage every week you include them on your roster. This might come as a shock, but no one except the managers in your league will know you benched your favorite player.

Rule #5 – Get Help When Appropriate – There is plenty of free advice related to fantasy football on the Internet. Much of this advice comes from guys who do the statistical work and don’t mind sharing their efforts with strangers in need. If you are playing in a serious money league, it might even be worth the investment to pay a small fee for weekly advice. You don’t have to know everything. You will improve your management skills if you learn from the advice you get free or otherwise.

Rule #6 – Always Play to Win – Everyone has been caught in leagues where managers wave the white flag and stop managing their teams once they feel they are out of the playoff race. Don’t be one of those guys. You be the guy who finished last, but cost someone a playoff spot the last week of the season by beating someone, not by letting someone beat you. It’s called losing with dignity.

Hopefully, this advice will set you free to become the best fantasy football manager you can be. Experience is a great teacher and the one thing you must learn now is fantasy football is a game and it should be played for enjoyment, even in money leagues.

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FC Barcelona
Transfer News

BARCELONA SAVED?! THAT'S WHO WILL HELP BARCA BUY HAALAND! Blaugranas have found the perfect solution

BARCELONA SAVED?! THAT’S WHO WILL HELP BARCA BUY HAALAND! Blaugranas have found the perfect solution

Raiola set three conditions for Barcelona to buy Haaland
Televisió de Catalunya

Mino Raiola, the agent of Borussia Dortmund striker Erling Haaland, has made three demands on Barcelona, ​​which are interested in signing the Norwegian at the summer transfer window.

According to the journalist of Televisio de Catalunya Albert Lesan, Raiola and Haaland are interested not only in the financial aspect of the deal, but also in the gaming one.

First of all, the Norwegian must become a key player in the project of Xavi Hernandez.

Secondly, Erling should be given the 9th number, under which Memphis Depay is performing.

Thirdly, Barcelona must return to the Champions League. In case the Catalans do not guarantee themselves participation in the main European tournament at the end of the season, Raiola and his client will immediately stop any further negotiations’ attempts.

We are to recall that the blaugranas are currently in 8th place in the La Liga table after 17 Matchweeks.

Barcelona negotiates with crypto markets
Mundo Deportivo

However, there is still another way out through sponsorship agreements! As it became known to Mundo DeportIvo, Barcelona entered into negotiations with two cryptocurrency markets – Binance and FTX.

Another option is to renew the contract with the current title sponsor, the Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten.

The club’s contract with the company expires in the summer of 2022 and the parties cannot yet reach a compromise in the negotiations. Barça now receives 30 million euros a year from Rakuten and wants to increase its income to 60 million. The Japanese haven’t yet agreed to the new conditions.

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English League Is the Best Among Football Leagues

In every football-playing country, there is a league system. The most competent clubs play in the top division league. The sport being the most popular one in the world, top-tier football leagues are watched by the crazy fans from all over the globe. In fact, the most exciting league matches find the highest number of viewers. These five leagues are as follows:

· Barclays Premier League

· Spanish League or La Liga

· Italian League or Serie A

· German League or Bundesliga

· French League or Ligue 1

Among these five leagues, Barclays Premier League is considered the most exciting one. A decade ago or so, Serie A was widely considered the most competitive league in the world. However, things have changed over the last few years since Manchester United lost their monopoly. The Red Devils – Man U are often referred to as their famous nickname – were simply unstoppable under the tutelage of Sir Alex Ferguson. Once their golden era is over, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal are some of the big names dominating the English Premier League landscape.

This 2015-16 season, Leicester City have emerged as the Premier League champions. Premier League is no longer predictable like what we have been watching in Serie A or Bundesliga where Juventus and Bayern Munich have been champions for several years in a row. In addition to the above-specified names, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool and Southampton are other big names in the first-division English League. Tottenham have finished their campaign second on the league table. Chelsea have suffered a lot and failed to make a great start to the last campaign. It led to sacking of their manager Jose Mourinho.

Chelsea or the Blues managed to drive themselves back from their woeful run under manager Guus Hiddink but due to their earlier drop, they failed to break into the top four. According to reports, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea are among the 20 wealthiest clubs in the world. These leagues are most televised in a number of countries. The TV rights earn the clubs millions of pound. The prize money earned by the league winner is the best in any country. The players earn the most attractive wages that can be offered in any league.

History of English League

English League has become the giant one after starting as a small one in the 19th century. They have also earned success in the European competition. Years ago, the star players from Brazil and Argentina used to prefer playing in the Serie A or La Liga. They did not think twice to snub offers from Premier League in order to show their skill in other countries. The story is completely different now. Both the Brazilian and Argentinean players now love to ply their trade in the Premier League. In fact, the star players from several football-playing countries are now eager to prove themselves in England.

English football league is marked by both pace and skill. Every year, a new club wins the Premier League title and that makes the charm of watching the league alive.



Aguero wrote farewell letter

Barcelona striker Sergio Aguero has posted a farewell letter due to him ending his playing career because of heart problems.

We’ve highlighted some words from the Argentinian’s Twitter publication:

“I’ve always known that I’d give it all to have a chance to play again. However, after the last exams, I was advised by my doctors to cease practicing professional football. Their words were sufficient to make a choice. Retiring under these circumstances is difficult, but life comes first. »

“It’s surely painful – but it’s no tragedy. A tragedy would have been
another thing altogether. My thoughts are not on the time I could have played on, they are on the wonderful 18 years I did get to play. »

“Life goes on, and there’s plenty of it ahead. It will be a new
stage, a different one indeed, but I’ll keep on just like I’ve done
so far: always positive, with enthusiasm and joy, ”wrote Aguero.

Messi posted tribute to Aguero

And here is how PSG striker Lionel Messi reacted to Aguero’s publication:

“Practically a whole career together, Kun. We lived very beautiful moments and others that were not so, all of them made us unite more and more and be more friends. And we are going to continue living them together outside the field.

‘With the great joy of lifting the Copa America so little ago, with all the achievements you achieved in England… And the truth is that now it hurts a lot to see how you have to stop doing what you like the most because of what happened to you.

‘Surely you will continue to be happy because you are a person who transmits happiness and those of us who love you will be with you. Now a new stage of your life is starting and I am convinced that you are going to live it with a smile and with all the illusion that you put into everything.

‘All the best in this new stage!!! I love you very much friend, I am going to miss a lot being with you on the field and when we get together with the National Team !!!’, ” reads Messi’s post.

Barcelona can shelter Aubameyang and bring Sanchez back

Barcelona is thinking about buying Arsenal forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, according to the Catalan newspaper Sport.

The day before, the Gabonese was deprived of the captain’s armband in the London team and was removed from the line-up at the match versus West Ham due to disciplinary violations. Aubameyang’s relationship with Mikel Arteta’s coaching staff has rapidly deteriorated and the player can now be sold to Barça.

Despite the transfer of Pierre-Emerick, Alexis Sánchez’s comeback to Camp Nou may also take place!

The source states that the blaugranas have reached an agreement with Inter to loan the Chilean before the end of the season. Striker Luuk De Jong will follow the opposite direction in case the deal gets approved by Sevilla, the club the Dutchman actually belongs to.

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PSG GOES FOR BARCELONA STAR AGAIN! Xavi could lose an important player! Here's what's going on!

PSG GOES FOR BARCELONA STAR AGAIN! Xavi could lose an important player! Here’s what’s going on!

PSG attempt to lure Gavi
El Nacional, Fabrizio Romano

PSG are preparing a luxurious contract for the 17-year-old Barcelona midfielder Gavi, according to El Nacional.

The Parisians are impressed by the progress of the young Spaniard and will easily pay the 50 million euros clause indicated in the player’s contract.

However, Fabrizio Romano adds that Barca are confident in the extension of their academy student. The new contract will be valid for five years and soon Gavi will have it in his hands for consideration.

It is noted that the player, for his part, is happy at the club and intends to stay at Camp Nou for many, many years.

But we already know that PSG love to take key players from the Blaugranas side. Therefore, Joan Laporta now should keep a close eye on the kid every day!

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FC Barcelona Pictures and News

Experience the glorious past and the vibrant present of FC Barcelona through pictures and news readily available online. Apart from the official club website, exciting and breathtaking FC Barcelona pictures are in abundance in several blogs, news sites, and websites dedicated to the club. Check out the latest FC Barcelona news in the top news sites in the world as well as in the official and other unofficial websites.

Futbol Club Barcelona, nicknamed Barça, is not as much as a football club as it is a Catalan institution. Founded in 1899, it is one of the best Spanish clubs with Real Madrid as its closest rival. At present, it home to other sports teams apart from the football club.

FC Barcelona is said to be the most popular football club in the whole of Europe. Some surveys show that it has a fan base of 44.2 million fans in the football-crazy continent alone. Hence, FC Barcelona news and Barça rumors are in great demand online. Fans are also racing to shoot photos of their beloved club during matches and sell them online. Online buyers are faced with several options.

Track Record
Barça is among the big three Spanish football club. Alongside Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, it has never been relegated or demoted from the La Liga, the premier league in Spain. All in all, the club has lifted 18 La Liga titles, a record of 24 Spanish Cups, two League Cups, and seven Spanish Super Cups.

In European leagues, FC Barcelona has won four UEFA Cup Winners’ Cups, two European Cups, two UEFA Super Cups, and three Inter-Cities Fairs Cups.

Camp Nou
The home stadium of Barça is Camp Nou, also referred to as «Nou Camp.» Constructed in 1957, it has witnessed hundreds of football matches against visiting clubs since 1857. Camp Nou is rated by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) as a five-star stadium. It can hold up to 98,772 people and is the biggest European football stadium.

Camp Nou is one of the preferred hosts of UEFA Champions League Finals. The club won their very first game at their new stadium in 1957. They thrashed Legia Warsaw of Germany, 4-2.It was built from 1954 to 1957 and was designed by a group of three architects. The stadium has also been the venue for several major music events.

There are plenty of FC Barcelona pictures with Camp Nou as the background available to fans. They come in colored and black-and-white. Sometimes, the pictures are able to capture the club in their most intense action. There is drama, joy, love, and passion in pictures. You could also easily find group and individual photos.

Latest News
In the most recent Barça news, the club bulldozed Malaga in a pre-weekend La Liga match. The resounding win catapulted the club to the topmost position in the league standings, six points ahead Real Madrid. They are slated to next face Valladolid but their recent triumph over Malaga is bound to boost their spirits prior to their anticipated UEFA Champions League quarterfinal fixture against Germany’s Bayern Munich. Browse online for photos and the latest news of the match.

PSG PLAYER GOES TO PRISON?! What a wildness is going on in a Parisian club?! New scandal at PSG!

PSG PLAYER GOES TO PRISON?! What a wildness is going on in a Parisian club?! New scandal at PSG!

Icardi and his wife suspected of money laundering
Corriere dello Sport

We know you missed such a topic! New scandals around PSG players! This time, the Parisians’ striker Mauro Icardi is in the spotlight.

The player of the Parisian club, as well as his wife and part-time agent Wanda Nara, are suspected of money laundering through the company Work Marketing Football SRL! The case has already been transferred to the prosecutor’s office and the Buenos Aires court.

The case states that money laundering has also affected other companies associated with Icardi and Nara. For example, the organization for the production of clothing and brands WANDA and Wanda Nara Cosmetics.

Mauro and Wanda are accused of using black market services to avoid tax payments.

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NEW SHOCKING TRANSFERS IN FOOTBALL! Lewandowski to Chelsea, Mbappe to Real, Sanches to Barcelona?

NEW SHOCKING TRANSFERS IN FOOTBALL! Lewandowski to Chelsea, Mbappe to Real, Sanches to Barcelona?


Lille midfielder Renato Sanches may continue his career at Barcelona. The Catalan club will try to bolster the midfield if the exchange between Antoine Griezmann and Saul Niguez from Atlético doesn’t take place, reports As. Sanches is one of the boost options for Barça. Renato’s agent Jorge Mendes could be a mediator and arrange the loan with a buyout option.

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail confirms Chelsea’s interest in Lewandowski’s candidacy. Bayern is very dear to their footballer, but Robert is now 32 years old, his contract expires in 2023, and the Bavarians are not used to losing money. Lewandowski can be sold to another club for a «reasonable» price. The representatives of the reigning champions of Germany are ready to sit down at the negotiating table with Chelsea to discuss the future fate of the striker. Meanwhile, Chelsea, losing hope of signing Erling Haaland, see the Polish striker as a perfect alternative for the upcoming seasons. According to Sky Sports, Londoners are willing to pay about 60 million euros for Lewandowski … Will this offer satisfy Bayern’s appetites? ..

L’Équipe; Julien Laurens

Breaking news from L’Equipe, as REAL WAS RECENTLY LINKED with PSG regarding the possible transfer of Kylian Mbappé. Madrid understands that this will be a long saga and is not hastened to provide an official proposal yet. At the same time, ESPN journalist Julien Laurens reports that Mbappe is impressed with the transfers of Paris and is ready to continue negotiations on a new contract. Kylian is confident of Pochettino being able to achieve great results with the team. Moreover, PSG management assured Mbappé that these are not all summer purchases. Perhaps Paul Pogba is on its way? .. Now the Kylian Mbappe saga has become a little more interesting to monitor, don’t you agree? ..

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Fantasy Football Tips to Play Fantasy Football Like a Pro

The best way to learn any subject is to experience it firsthand. No amount of cheatsheets, checklists, buddy advice, or new ideas can replace the wisdom that comes with years of experience.

The good news is that it is possible to glean some knowledge from those that have been there before. Our science is built by standing on the shoulders of giants, and our games are the same way.

The following are tips every fantasy football pro learns through their experience.

1. Understand what type of league you are in.

The type of league is a factor in the value of a player. Brandin Cooks is a prime example; Cooks was a great pickup in dynasty leagues last year, but wasn’t more than a sleeper option in redraft leagues until this year. After gaining some experience, he’s projected as a potential stud.

2. Know your league’s roster rules.

Sure, it would have been great to have Marshawn Lynch, DeMarco Murray, and LeSean McCoy as your first three picks, but if the starting lineup can only include two running backs, a lot of points will go to waste while another position suffers. A pro always has a full roster plan in mind.

3. Vary picks based on scoring system.

Having a great quarterback is nice, but most leagues nerf their scoring capability by reducing the number of points earned from passing stats. Aaron Rodgers is worth a high draft pick at six points per TD and one point per 20 passing yards. Four per TD and one point per 30? Not so much.

The most common example is PPR (points per reception). Wide receivers gain value, and the running back rankings get shuffled. Matt Forte is a mid to low end RB1 in traditional scoring, but in a league that uses PPR, he’s a stud. One point per reception adds 100 points to his total in 2014 alone.

4. Draft safer picks early.

Not every «safe» player gets to play the season, but it’s possible to reduce the risk. Every player available early is a great player. Aside from last year, picking Adrian Peterson over Darren «Glass Man» McFadden was a no brainer to any pro. Early picks are the cornerstones of a team, and picking an injury or legal risk in the first round is unnecessary.

5. Draft for upside after starters and subs are set.

Grabbing a halfway decent starter as a second or third backup wide receiver may sound great, but it’s a terrible idea. Players can and will go down during the season. More importantly, players can and will pop in a given year. Arian Foster the year he broke out, Kelvin Benjamin last year, and Alfred Blue and Davante Adams this year are great examples of «sleepers»- players that surprised most owners and put up top end fantasy scores. The league champion will likely have one or two starters that no one expected, and unless a league uses 20 man rosters replacement level players to cover bye weeks and injuries will be readily available.

6. Never draft a kicker or defense early.

Every rule has exceptions, but think about the previous tip. Acquiring a top end kicker or defense requires a pick somewhere in the eight to tenth rounds, a good range to pick top end sleepers. Kickers vary wildly from year to year, and many pro fantasy players use a different defense each week to chase easy matchups. A «streaming defense» can outperform even top end defenses. That doesn’t mean drafting the Seahawks isn’t worth the pick, there’s just more value in waiting on a top defense.

These are just the beginning. It’s possible to write entire novels on fantasy football, and each and every rule can occasionally be broken. The key is to remember this one word: value. The best fantasy football owners find ways to generate extra value and acquire better players for a lower cost.

Take these tips, play like a pro, and win your league if you can. Good luck!